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Partner meeting in Sweden
by Kennet Lindquist - Friday, 30 May 2008, 07:13 PM

Concerning the SEELE meeting in Nyköping, Sweden we have preliminarily booked 10 single rooms from 8/6 – 10/6 and a meeting room from 9-10/6 at Clarion Collection Hotel Kompaniet ( http://www.choicehotels.se ), however you need to re-confirm thióse in order to secure your accommodation. Please make your hotel re-confirmation directly with the hotel to telephone number +46-155-288020 or by email cc.kompaniet@choice.se and give as reference code

“SEELE” with your booking.

Nyköping ( http://english.visitnykoping.se ) is located around 7km from Stockholm-Skavsta airport where among other Ryanair flyes ( http://www.ryanair.com ). From the airport ( http://www.skavsta-air.se/en/ ) you can take a taxi or bus to the city, it takes approximatly 10 minutes. There are direct flights to Stockholm-Skavsta from many airports in Europe, and especially with low-cost airlines like RyanAir. Flying with Ryanair eases transport in Sweden and linkage to Nyköping greatly. If you fly to Stockholm-Arlanda ( http://www.arlanda.com ) with the other large regular airlines you will need to take a train ( http://www.sj.se/english ) that leaves from the Arlanda airport to get to Nyköping via Stockholm, some trains are direct while others requires a train change (even if tickets are bought Arlanda-Nykoping at the airport or via Internet).

Please write also an email to me in order to re-confirm your participation in the meeting (kennet.lindquist@pedagogic.com) with the names of participants as well as arrival and departure dates and time.

Yours friendly,

Kennet Lindquist

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